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Default Trying to verify dealer comments

Looking to buy a spark - however dealer said that I won't be able to change my own oil since computer will put ski in limp home mode and I won't be able to reset without taking back to dealer - sounds like bull - fact or fiction?
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He's full of crap. Buy from another dealer
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your dealer is a liar mate, I've changed my own oil twice without an issue

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Ugh. Dealers. Changing the oil is easy provided you have a fluid suction device. If the new ones are still programmed this way, you'll get a maintenance reminder on your digital readout which requires a scan tool to reset. Personally I use the vtech. I've never heard of any Spark going into limp mode because of the reminder, though, and it could result in an interesting lawsuit if that placed the rider(s) in a predicament out on the water.
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at a certain time interval you will get a service warning that needs to be reset by a scan tool. i think it is 30 or 50 hours. that may be what the dealer said/meant.
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Default Trouble shooting

I got an ibr warning my ski will not go into reverse but it will go forward anyone have this problem?
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Hard to put into words how fast and far I’d run from that dealer; their assertion is less about ANY “maintenance” than it is actually a statement of how insanely far they are willing to go to SCREW OVER PEOPLE, not serve customers (let alone stay in business).

I mean, no sh*t, can you imagine how far anyone who’d say such a thing is willing to go - to get over on people, at every turn they can.

That’s crazy.

Any company rep said something like that to me and I’d be naming that dealer and “outing” them just to save other people from getting screwed over ...

Heck, come to think of it, anyone who’d say such a thing isn’t only dishonest, they’d have to be incompetent so, no doubt they are messing people’s machines up who are seeking service from them.

Name that dealer!

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