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  1. Sea-Doo Spark Troubleshooting
    So I just took my new sea doo out of storage, decided to put an exhaust on it. I then filled up my hull with water to check for leaks. I noticed I am actually leaking water from the right hull reinforcement board underneath. Its nothing major but when theres water in the hull it does drip a lot...
  2. Sea-Doo Spark General Discussion
    Just today purchased a used 2014 HO 3up spark with 71 hours. Came with trailer paid 6200. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what these two tiny holes are on the back right side? Also could anyone guide me to the location of the drain plug(s)? Thank you!
  3. 2014+ Sea-Doo Spark News
    I have a spark 2018 without ibr but I have manual reverse can I still get extended vts even without ibr? Or what options do I have? Can I get ibr after market?
  4. Sea-Doo Spark Troubleshooting
    I just recently bought my second sea doo and was checking under the hull and just out of Curiosity I wiggled the drive shaft and it had very little play (up and down and side to side) is this normal?? Only has 73 hours. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  5. Sea-Doo Spark Modifications & Add Ons
    I am installing the manual reverse kit on my second 2016 Sea Doo Spark and made a huge mistake. As I was cleaning up for the night I threw away a box with a part in it. The manual says the part is not sold separately. I have included a picture of the part from the install manual. It the reverse...
  6. Sea-Doo Spark Reviews
    I’m looking at buying a pre-owner Seadoo Spark 2014 with Rotax ace 900 cc and IBR. I will be using it in a freshwater lake and primarily for tubing my kids (two people riding (avg. 350 lbs) and 3 kids being pulled (avg. 250 lbs.) Given your experience with your spark and considering the model...
  7. Sea-Doo Spark Troubleshooting
    I purchased a 2015 seadoo spark last year that has about 30 hours on it. First time on the water the next summer it felt fine for about 100 yds and than dropped down to 30 mph and 5700 rpms and is sluggish off the start. No check engine light ir codes. Sport mode makes no difference on it. I...
1-7 of 7 Results