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  1. Engine And Technical Discussion
    hello, i have a 2019 Seadoo spark trixx and when I put the battery in this weekend to go out it wouldn't start threw a check engine light at me. the ski turns over for a second then the dash shuts off completely check the connections and they are tight. Does anyone have any idea?
  2. For Sale
    2018 Seadoo Spark 2UP 90 Horsepower HO Engine (Massapequa, NY) $6,850 -75 Hours -Original owner -Flushed and washed after every ride -Still under warranty till November 2021 -New battery replaced at the end of last season -Full service performed 1 month ago by dealership -Kept in garage during...
  3. Sea-Doo Spark Troubleshooting
    Question: mpi-3 is good for me? i want only for my personal machine! seadoo 1996-2004 yaers skidoo 2007-2009 yaers Answer: questions about which version of BUDS and what equipment use to diagnose vehicles BRP. For the diagnosis of 2-stroke vehicles required: 1. MPI-3 adapter. 2. DESS...
  4. Sea-Doo Spark Modifications & Add Ons
    Вопрос: Имею seadoo GTS 130, 2012 г.в. Могу ли я обновить ECU? Ответ: здесь нужна тюнинговая прошивка. мы можем помочь вам удаленно. для работы нужен переходник MPI-3, и программное обеспечение DIUS Flasher 4.0 .. напишите какая модель и год транспорта. чтобы я мог вам правильно ответить.
  5. Sea-Doo Spark General Discussion
    Question: Change hours and disable IBR? Sea doo all 4tec models GTX, GTI, RXP215, RXPX255, 260, 300.) Answer: Buds license Megatech, Buds2 license Megatroninc. these two licenses help to disable and enable IBR. you can change the hours.which you will see on the cluster. ( you will not...
  6. Engine And Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, Im rebuilding a 2015 Seadoo spark 900 ace engine. The teeth on the crank have worn out and need replacement (drive side). I've been searching for a new/used crank to replace it with and can't seem to find one at a fair price. I found multiple Ski-Doo 900 ace crankshafts for a fair...
  7. Engine And Technical Discussion
    So I recently replaced the driveshaft because the teeth on the impeller end were worn out as well as the impeller. I replaced the impeller and wear ring with Solas stainless ones. The end going to the engine was fine and the coupler looked in good condition. I have a 2014 Spark 3up. The video...
  8. Sea-Doo Spark Troubleshooting
    So we just bought a 2018 Seadoo Spark, perfect condition, only had 10 hrs and recently had a oil change I believe. Rode it for the first time yesterday, runs great. My sister got on it for the first time and when she was heading back towards our house she hit the shore and probably sucked up...
1-8 of 8 Results