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  1. Sea-Doo Spark Troubleshooting
    Question: mpi-3 is good for me? i want only for my personal machine! seadoo 1996-2004 yaers skidoo 2007-2009 yaers Answer: questions about which version of BUDS and what equipment use to diagnose vehicles BRP. For the diagnosis of 2-stroke vehicles required: 1. MPI-3 adapter. 2. DESS...
  2. Sea-Doo Spark General Discussion
    Question: Change hours and disable IBR? Sea doo all 4tec models GTX, GTI, RXP215, RXPX255, 260, 300.) Answer: Buds license Megatech, Buds2 license Megatroninc. these two licenses help to disable and enable IBR. you can change the hours.which you will see on the cluster. ( you will not...
  3. Engine And Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, Im rebuilding a 2015 Seadoo spark 900 ace engine. The teeth on the crank have worn out and need replacement (drive side). I've been searching for a new/used crank to replace it with and can't seem to find one at a fair price. I found multiple Ski-Doo 900 ace crankshafts for a fair...
1-3 of 3 Results