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  1. Looking at buying a used 2016 3-UP 90HP and iBR

    Sea-Doo Spark Dealers & Pricing
    I'm looking at buying a used 3-up 90HP spark from 2016 that also has iBR from a private seller. The gauge says it only has 43 hours put on it. It's looking to be about $6400 ($8500 CAD) for the seadoo and the trailer. In the pictures it appears to be in good cosmetic shape but am still going to...
  2. 2014 Seadoo Spark 3up not Starting

    Engine And Technical Discussion
    So I recently replaced the driveshaft because the teeth on the impeller end were worn out as well as the impeller. I replaced the impeller and wear ring with Solas stainless ones. The end going to the engine was fine and the coupler looked in good condition. I have a 2014 Spark 3up. The video...
  3. My 2018 Sea Doo Spark Partially Hydro Locked (Showed No Symptoms or Issues), Then Blew Rod Later!!!

    Sea-Doo Spark General Discussion
    I bought a brand new, 2018 Sea Doo Spark, 2up, 90hp iBR to use at my lake home May thru September along with a PortaDock PWC lift to park it next to my dock. When I bought my new 2018 Spark in May of 2018, I also bought an extended warranty which was supposed*** to cover me from engine repair...