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  1. Sea-Doo Spark General Discussion
    I have the basic 2017 Spark, but I heard adding the extended VTS basically makes it a trixx. How much is it to buy it, or buy it and have it installed? If installing yourself, is it difficult? On top of that, would adding the manual reverse be expensive? I dont absolutely need it, but figured it...
  2. Sea-Doo Spark Modifications & Add Ons
    I just bought a 2018 spark 2up 90hp non-ibr. My plan was to get a new trixx but there is a supply chain issue like the car industry is having so finding a new ski at a dealer is basically impossible. I found the ski I have with only 15 hours on it so I decided to buy it. Had by far the least...
  3. Site Help & Suggestions
    Hey guys! I have 2014 spark with no ibr or adjustable trim! And i want to install this kit: P3 Labs Extended VTS Ramp Kit (Version 2) for the Sea-Doo Spark (14-16) P3-PS-S-2421-01 Do i need to install normal factory vts first?
  4. 2014+ Sea-Doo Spark News
    I have a spark 2018 without ibr but I have manual reverse can I still get extended vts even without ibr? Or what options do I have? Can I get ibr after market?
  5. Sea-Doo Spark General Discussion
    Hello all, newbie here. Glad to be part of this group. I have a 2019 Spark 2up and will soon have a 2020 Spark 3up, both with IBR. I got a good deal on an Extended VTS kit that was just delivered and I want to jump right to the install. Any thoughts as far as which Spark should get the VTS -...
1-5 of 5 Results