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10 hr oil change

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Just did oil change following break in. The manual says 100 hr. Or first year.
Figured it couldn't hurt so since it it way earlier than required ,kept it easy by not doing filter. Manual says 2 quarts. I pulled out 2and 1/2.
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Did you put the shutoff valve in for towing? How easy was the removal of the top?
Look at the towing thread. I haven't done it yet but apparently it can be done by only removing the panel in back of the seat. I also installed the cargo net today. Next job shut off valve.
I think there are some misconceptions about "towing", the shut off valve or clamping would only be done/used if you were being towed while on the water if you were to ever run out of gas or break down and need a tow.
id prob do the filter the first few times. might be some metal from the engine still wearing in.
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