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This is my first post. thank you for this forum... I have been reading for a couple days.

I called my local dealer about a quote on a 2015 3up w/iBR and Conv.
He gave me a price which I was considering ($8495 w/trailer) then asked if he had any left overs from last year. Nothing left of last years model year, but he had just taken a trade-in on a 2014 3up with IBR with a few extras installed and 20 hrs on on clock

He quoted me $7200, for the Spark on a new 2015 Seadoo trailer.
Extras include:
Spark Cover
Grip Mat
Grip Mat Extension
Speed Ties
Snap in Fenders

Does this sound like a good deal for a used 3up ibr?

Many Thanks,
Capt O.

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Very few people seem to be selling their Sparks. I assume that is a good thing. Why are you selling?
Love it to death, but I'm working a lot while attending school as a pre-med student and it's just too much so I'm trying to get rid of as many bills as I can so I can work a little less to focus on school more. I'm just trying to sell it for what is left on the loan.
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