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I've just started looking at this Spark. It belongs to a friend, who trusted a guy to repair it after it was flooded and left with the hull full of salt water for 6 months (He runs a yacht charter business, and his staff are not good). Guy decided to cut the loom plugs off, as well as strip it to pieces, and was clearly out of his depth.
I've just finished cleaning it out and putting it back together. We want to get it running, and check it's worth saving, before we spend a lot of money on the parts needed to get it right (Company is struggling while country's borders are closed to tourists), so I've reconnected the steering and main looms with spade connectors.
Start/stop button powers it up, and when connecting the magnet key it beeps, then screen shows Reading Key repeatedly until it powers down at 3 mins.
This unit doesn't have the RFID key post (2 wires, not 3), so my thinking is that it shouldn't be trying to read the key at all.

My fear is that the guy who wrecked it has fried the ECM.

Candoo Pro shows DESS enabled, but no keys registered, and won't register a key (No RFID key post). Deleting all keys turns off DESS, but it comes back on when ECM reset.

Anything else I could be missing, or is this going to put the local dealer's children through college?! The owner is a good friend whose business is struggling right now, and I'd love to get this working for him, without spending the cost of the ski on parts. We're based in the Cayman Islands, so parts are around 3x the price of US, and take weeks to get.
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