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3 day weekend with Spark

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Well let's just say that both me and the spark are exhausted! :D I put over 10 running hours on it doing everything from 180 nose stabs to tight cookies standing on one side to pulling two 150+ pound people on a tub while riding 2up on the ski. This machine is an absolute blast and I am so glad I purchased it as any fears I had about not being able to pull a tube or keep up with the big guys are long gone!

This ski handled tubing without an issue. About 3/4 throttle for a couple seconds to get on plane then back off to about half to keep the speed around 30mph. During tighter turns you need to give about 3/4 throttle to keep the ski on a plane but that's not a big deal at all. My wife pulled me on the tube and with the help of a boat with the trim up making waves we estimate I was about 10ft in the air at times :D

It's amazing just how easy it is to sling this ski around with honestly very little effort. Really the only limitation I've run into so far is myself not being able to hold on or manage anything tighter or faster, but it'll do it if I want. I manage to flip the ski over twice and never experienced any issues. I let it float for a couple minutes after getting back on to let oil and gas settle but otherwise not a problem.

Oh, and what really put a big grin on my face was the 3 people complimenting and asking questions about the ski and the numerous boaters cheering me on as I jumped wake and did tricks. 1 of the 3 people was a fellow jetskier who wanted to sell his and get a spark >:D
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