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3-UP Pump Thrust Line

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The nozzle on the Sparks have a plastic bushing on the lower nozzle pivot allen bolt that is installed in one position on the 2-up(thrust straight back) and in a different orientation on the 3-up(thrust slightly down).

The reason they do this is to lift the rear end of the 3-up when riding fully loaded with 3 people or 2 heavy people. The thing is that if you ride single or light double, you really don't need the extra rear end lift and that extra lift costs you both forward thrust and pushes the bow down just like a boat with trim tabs to low.

If you usually ride your 3-up single or light double and want a bit more performance/handling you can rotate the bottom plastic nozzle bushing 180 degrees to the position it should be installed on the 2-up models.

Reference DWG's are on pages 7 & 8 in the jet pump section of the service manual.
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I did this to my 3up months ago and I didn't notice any huge difference but I did lose 2 mph on the top in. Really just need a manual trim setup. Maybe trim from the seadoo HX would work good.
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