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So let me preface by saying I'm still going thru all the wires and components on the spark right now but this seems to be a bit different. I've spent over a week and a half looking thru all forums trying to see if someone else had this issue and nothing i've seen has been helpful.

2018 Spark 3up 900HO-
Regularly (EVERY saturday and sunday) jumped in 3-5ft waves on the Eastern NC coast. Went dead 2 weeks ago and had to be towed back to ramp. Was under full acceleration and the spark shut off (almost mouse trapped over the handlebars). No power to HUD. IBR cup locked in open position. Pulled top deck in my shop and replaced battery and ordered 3 different relays (1 OEM, and 2 aftermarket). Tried all 3 and still no power to HUD. All 3 relays click/engage when start/stop button is pressed but still nothing as far as power being sent to HUD or rest of the units mechanical/electronic functions. Direct connected starter cable to battery lead and engine turned over (to get the water out of the motor). Traced a majority of the wires and no loose or corroded terminals/wires. Connections in fuse relay ports are clean. No codes, no beeps or warnings, all fluids in good order prior to shut down. Oil WAS fine until unnamed tow boat company argued with me about tow speed and back filled the motor with water under negative pressure high speed tow (2nd time its happened).

Any suggestions? Just making shots in the dark at this point replacing items as I go and hopeful something will work.
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