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Hi guys,
Asked this elsewhere and have emailed Riva directly but am having trouble getting a reply.

My handle bar grip on the left side tore last long weekend up the river. I was looking at getting some nice looking aftermarket grips to replace the stock ones.

Now the ODI brand have been recommended to me, and they look awesome. However to install them on the stock handlebar, I need to buy Riva extensions.

i need to keep my stock handlebar because I have IBR and VTS.

I also have the Sea-Doo Spark cover which was rather expensive & fits quite neatly.

does anyone know how much longer the Riva extensions/ODI grips will make my stock handlebar? will the Spark Cover still fit over the bars or will I be unable to use it if I change the grips?

if changing to something that looks cool means I can't use the cover any more, I'll just get replacement stock grips.
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