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Almost lost gopro

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Today i attached my gopro to one of these sticky things that i placed on the smallest color piece. It seemed a little loose, so I decided to tie a string to the gopro. That saved me 600$... After riding for 5 mins I hit a wave really hard and the gopro fell of. Don't trust the sticky mounts!!!

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Are you refering to the suction cup mounts?

Just be glad the safety wire paid off.
How long did you let it "set" before you attached the camera to it?
Almost 3

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wow. well good for you that you tethered it. I'd also suggest the back door float if you don't own one.
I've never had one of my mounts come loose on the spark but I always tether just in case.. Just make sure you use genuine gopro mounts and clean the surface with appropriate solvent before applying.. And leaving it 24 hours before use can't hurt
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