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Great article. Thanks for posting.

Here is the big points that are pointed out in the article across each of the Sparks profiled.

- There have been no major mechanical issues with any of these Sparks to date.
- The steering stems on a couple of them are a little loose. Most of the riders are waiting for an aftermarket stem so they can fit their Spark with race bars.
- Only one of them has a small crack in the plastic. The crack is from Brent head-butting the top piece of the Exoskel in front of the bars with his helmet after coming off while doing a superman.
- A couple of the plastic pieces (mainly the small storage lid) is fading a little faster than expected.
- It is hard to get your favorite sponsors stickers to stick to the Spark’s plastic for very long, so have several sets in waiting.
- Three of Four of the Sparks are running race tunes, still on pump gas with absolutely no issues.
- One person can remove the top deck for maintenance with little or no problems.
- Even after being upside down in the water, more than once, the inside of the hull stays DRY and CLEAN! What this means for these riders is, after a long day in the salt water you spray the outside with the hose to wash the salt off, flush the motor and put it in the garage; about 10 minutes tops!
- They just run… whether you are riding around dolphin watching or at full throttle the entire time.
- The Spark is lite weight: it is nimble in the water with any rider on it, a blast in the surf jumping waves, two people can pick it up off the beach and put it on a trailer, or with a couple more people you can slide it in the bed of a pickup truck!
- It’s about $20.00 to fill up the tank with 93 octane… and you can ride it hard all day!

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Is this a machine that I can keep for 4-5 years without any issues (other than maintenance). I hope they are nothing like BRPS 3d machines. Those we're a mechanical nightmare!

Nothing like the 3D. That thing was junk. Bought my ski in March of 14 and still going strong. Same as anything, maintain it properly and you will be fine.
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