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I have been interested in doing this run for a while. Since there is safety in numbers, not to mention added fun of a group of crazy personal water crafters, I am putting this feeler out to see if others may be interested in doing this trip before it starts to cool down.

The trip is around 250 river miles on a river big and deep enough that barges used to come up to Columbus, Ga. from the Gulf. There are two lakes to go through (Eufala/Walter F George and Seminole). It could be done in a day if we start out early. Or we can make it a two day trip so we have time to enjoy the surroundings.

I think with government cutbacks the lock is no longer manned. So we will need the vehicle/trailer drivers to meet us at the boat ramp above it to trailer us down to the next ramp below it.

If you are interested in this quick trip, let me know.
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