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Anyone backflip or barrel roll seadoo spark yet

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Hi all I'm into freestyle wave jumping. I've gone from rxp to spark. With the obvious weight difference I'm obviously throwing the spark around easier. What I want to know has anyone backfliped or barrel rolled their seadoo spark yet or know of anyone that has and has proof. Lol. Thanx. New member from australia
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I have had the same thoughts but then seen x-rays of broken bones OUCH
I think you will need foot holds to keep your feet on the deck when you get upside down as gravity will take over.

Here's a vid from 2 weeks ago what you can do still fun.
as I understand it the backflip guys use a special backflip nossle that gives them instant mega trim up.
Yeah will need a freestyle nozzle, pull fully up on pull of leaver
Hi guys. Thanx for replies. Yeah I been trying to get a nozzle thingy off of a stand up mate. I got foot straps but don't want to put holes in deck of ski yet. Lol. Although I know I need straps. I don't want to give away too much just yet until I perfect and get decent videos but I'm barrel rolling a standard spark no mods at all. They are not clean as I would like but all the same its a roll. Will post something either here and or other places online.
Excellent... Barrel rolling a sit down is no mean feat. well done!
a barrel roll ?? were the haul is upside down like to see that on my wish list

You guys are some brave souls :D

I'm too much of a newb to attempt any of that!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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