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The LENS Surgical Imaging System is an all-in-one visualization solution that brings performance, efficiency, and value to your visual image. It encompasses a combination of a console, camera head, and iPad® application. Maintain the scalability for future upgrades. It allows minimizing capital investment.
Various LENS applications are seen, such as when the integrated system WiFi version is used along with the lens, a still motion picture is captured, and patient file management is seen. Also, it is beneficial for limited redundant control of the LENS camera control unit within canals, body cavities, articular cavities, hollow organs, and the thoracic cavity.
What are the parts of the LENS Surgical System
  • System Console
There is a system console that enables facility needs as future camera options and offers scalability. Also, it allows software upgrades. The console has various features such as:
Camera Control Unit (CCU)
Led Light Source
Image Management System
It has high complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) sensor technology. Also, it allows a direct view scope and coupler or video arthroscope, which offers several unique features.
the LENS System comprises a proprietary application (app) that enhances the LENS system. Have built-in wireless network, e-mails assets directly, and creates annotation.
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