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Are 2015 owners eligible for this rebate even after not bringing it up at purchase?

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Just seen this on a seadoo commercial. I suppose I didn't catch it when I went in to purchase my spark on 06/24/2015 which was a whopping 6 days ago. I haven't even had a chance to fill out registration or my warranty. Bottom line is how can I take advantage of the offer below.

I paid $8585 that came with the trailer, 90HP 2UP Spark, IBS, very stock and vanilla other than that it also came with a $1000 warranty that covers either 36 or 48 months I forget.

There is also an option for free warranties on non-spark seadoos. but I'm not eligible for that.

◊ SAVE Up to $1,000 on select 2015 models and Prior: Eligible units are new and unused 2015 & prior Sea-Doo® PWC models. Rebate amount depends on the model purchased. While quantities last.

Offer may not be assigned, traded, sold or combined with any other offer unless expressly stated herein. Other conditions and some restrictions may apply. Offer void where prohibited by law.

BRP reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipments without incurring any obligations. Always ride responsibly and safely. Follow all instructional and safety materials. BRP recommends a minimum operator age of 16 years old. Always observe applicable laws and regulations. Respect the rights of shoreline residents, and keep a safe distance from other recreationists. Always wear appropriate protective clothing, including a Coast Guard-approved PFD that is suitable for PWC use. Not all riding conditions are appropriate for inexperienced or beginner riders. Always ride safely and responsibly. Remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix.
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Read the fine print brotha!

"Eligible units are new and unused 2015 & prior Sea-Doo® PWC models (excluding SPARK models)."
The Spark came with 12 months. But due to when you bought it, you got the extra B.E.S.T 12 months as well. This is a good thing, I found out that my Spark has a bad output shaft seal (leaking oil) during its second week on the water. Probably built wrong at the factory.

Unless you paid them extra $$$, you should be good for 2 years.
I just bought my 2015 Spark 3up last week and the dealer told me it wasn't eligible for the Ready. Set. Summer. promotion but I did get the 2-year warranty promotion.
Read the fine print brotha!

"Eligible units are new and unused 2015 & prior Sea-Doo® PWC models (excluding SPARK models)."
It only says that specifically for the warranty option. When I go get my title tomorrow I'm asking about this.
Bump, Honda place was really packed today so I was only able to grab my title and registration materials. They are selling sparks like hotcakes. Asked about the rebate and if it would apply and was directed to my sales associate who was really busy so I'm gonna swing by there tomorrow and see what's up. Any advice?
Just purchased a 2up 90hp IBR and a 3up. Picking them up on Friday. I received a $250 rebate and 2 year warranty on both
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