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Bad jet pump/impeller bearings?

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1999 GTX Seadoo

After getting a quote from a local mechanic, I was not willing to pay $1200 for a jet pump replacement.

Basically the compartment filled halfway with water one day on the lake. After I drained it I tried starting it again and heard a LOUD screech from the back...I mean ear piercing loud. After I took it out I noticed the cone to my impeller was missing. Obviously the impeller was not getting any oil through it. Would that cause the loud screech? The area where the cone covers has some rust and the impeller will not turn at all by hand. I realize I may have a couple things to replace now. Anyone have tips on how I should go about this? I am pretty handy so I'd rather not take it into the shop. Thanks!

Also wanted to add...the seadoo would crank for about 2-3 seconds while pushing the throttle. Then the loud screech would come and the ski dies.

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So the pump bearings are obviously shot. Price them and a new cone. If the pump shaft isn't scored you might get away with a rebuild kit. The other question is, what do you mean by "compartment"? Did you get water in the hull or you just mean the pump area?
Hull area. I found that a metal zip tie around the drive shaft came loose, which was probably caused by the impeller locking up and friction in the drive shaft. I tightened that back up so I hope that's where water came into the hull.

The impeller is so messed up I probably need just about every component including the housing, which has a very small crack around the large bolt area. Going to just order a new one. Thanks!
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