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First off new to board. Love the new sparks. Had our two brand new spark 90 3 ups 1 with ibr and 1 without on the river yesterday. As soon as we launched the wife starts the one with ibr and beeps check engine. Shuts it down turns it back on and its all gone. Run around for 3-4 hours here or there. On the last mile back to the ramp at full speed the non ibr beeps check engine and goes away while running full speed twice. They are not shutting down or showing any sign of engine struggle. Just beeped at us. Any ideas on whats happening? 4 1/2 hours on em right now. No lights were on when we put em on the trailer. Thanks in advance
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How many times did it beep? Was there a sequence like 2 beeps pause and then 4?
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No sir not a beep sequence as I've experienced those on my merc. Just a single somewhat long peep when I was on it. The wife said it beeped ...pause then another beep a short time later.
Was the gas low? I have heard other people's skis (Straight) would beep just like that to let you know gas was low.
was the gas low? I have heard other people's skis (straight) would beep just like that to let you know gas was low.
no gas was fine i filled up before we launched both showed full. We didnt run 1/8th of a tank when we loaded them up for the day. Again they are running fine..i guess ill hit the water with them again this weekend and see if i can get them to beep again. I did notice that the beeping happened when running wide open if that means anything. When it first beeped at me i was just getting done with a 5 mile wide open run.
Maybe read the manual and see if it mentions something in it.
Mine will give me the " you are getting low on fuel " beep between having 2 and 3 lines left on the fuel gauge and it will beep every 5 min or so. I think it says low fuel on the screen though. You really have 1/4 - 1/3 of a tank before you're screwed. I thought I was more trouble than that when I heard my low fuel beeps in the past. I guess they want you give you fair warning.
The thought of running out of gas is scary as fack. I thought I was in trouble a few weeks ago. When I refilled it after I pulled it out I had 1/3 of a gallon left. 1.5 litres
I've been there a couple times. It's especially scary when you get to the 5th beep after like 20 min and you're like " ahhhhhhh, how many beeps until it dies ?! "
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... and then the first fuel station says " oh we don't fuel jetskis you have to go up there to the marina " ahhhh. I've learned many places in Miami area won't fuel jetskis. I guess they don't want to be bothered with piddly little $35 sales.
That's funny! I didn't think of that. I can understand if there's a big line of boats waiting for their 1200 dollar fill but still...

We only have 2 fill stations on the water here in NB. They are only open on the weekends most of the time and they charge 1.50 a litre which is about 6 dollars a gallon. They will steal everyone's money equally though hahaha
Miami is prissy. There was nobody waiting and another marina wants $10 a gallon if you get under 10 gallons. Wow. I thought $5 a gallon was a lot but at least its the better gas. I have my marina as a gas option near me. That's it. Unless I want to pay $10 a gallon in South Beach.

Sorry, totally ambushed your thread about the beeps. If anyone knows what it could be other than low fuel, please take the soap box :)
Hi, yes, i think i had this problem, one day a friend test my Spark, i explain it how to put on "Sport mode", he had pull the red button 2 seconds for Sp mode, but not valide this one with another click on red button, and after when he had accelerate he says to me that he heard the beeper every ten seconds, i try to do the same, and effectively the beeper Wake up, and i could see that during beeping the Kérosen gauge come creazy and clignotate within the middle like if there is an electronical Bugg, but no précision of my dealer and owner's book, you must stop our pwc and come on touring or sport mode but don't forget "Validation"...

On one of my two sparks it would do a long beep when going above 46mph on the first 5-10 minutes of a start. Then never again the rest of the day.
Discovered the oil was lower than the other but, still at the first line on the stick. I believe the cold oil and maybe having a more sensitive oil pressure sending unit on this one may have been the cause.
I have changed oil and made sure it is up to full line, no more beeps-yes!
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