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BRP and the Quebec Police

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Summary for us non french speaking folks ha
"The Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS) is testing a BRP Spyder vehicle specially adapted to their needs. For the next three weeks, the squad operational support will have access to a vehicle.

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If the trials are successful, it could, in the future, to see on the roads sherbrookoises Spyder colors of the SPS. "The bikes are used to go to places where cars can not go as in parks, bike trails, the feast of the Lac des Nations. We look at whether it can do the same, "says Yves Rancourt Police Service of Sherbrooke.

The vehicle is a prototype designed specifically for police officers which includes flashing lights, sirens, reinforced suspension and is equipped with USB port for connecting a speedometer.

The BRP's objective is to take the place of the police motorcycle assigned to traffic.

Police in Longueuil also are testing the vehicle."
I'm actually surprised more police forces aren't doing this, but instead i see them on bicycles which is a good cost cutting way, not much to bicycles yet a lot of perks to them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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