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B.U.D.S. (BRP Utility and Diagnostic Software) is a comprehensive diagnostic software.

Megatech - is a license of the BUDS software developers. This license is not available for BRP dealers and distributors.

License Megatech is designed for advanced configuration of the electronic modules, as well for clearing the history and Information of modules and for recovering after update faults.

This license covers all BRP vehicles 1996-2016: SeaDoo, Can-Am, Skidoo.

In addition to the basic capabilities of the basic Dealer license, the license Megatech allows you to do the following procedures:

Change the VIN and Model numbers (is useful after ECU replacing/reprogramming);
View stories in hours, rather than percentage;
Enable/disable DESS (start vehicle with any key (except Roadster Spyder));
Change the DESS key type in two clicks (normal, learning, rental);
Clear the ECM/MPEM history (is useful after replacing/reprogramming);
Clear ECM, MPEM, CLUSTER "As new" (resetting the total vehicle hours on 4-TEC PWC SeaDoo);
Change the Total Vehicle Hours on SeaDoo (ECU Bosch);
View more information blocks;
Edit curves for 2-Stroke PWC SeaDoo;
Edit injector's coefficient for E-TEC Skidoo;
Enable/disable vehicle’s options/modules/sensors;
Увеличьте мощность Spark 60 л.с. до 90 л.с.

can megatech change/add injector coefficient on skidoo?

Do send the megatech software and the activation key with email ?

for how many pc is the license
Response:BUDS1 can be activated on any quantity of PC
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