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hey all,

My dad just re-carpeted his jet boat and asked me if I want the left over carpet for the footwells for the Spark.

As it's free I figured 'why not'.

it's proper marine carpet, i.e. designed to NOT go gross when it's wet and to dry quickly.

really comfortable under your feet too (i know cause it's in my dad's boat lol)

anyway I've seen lots of people here posting pics of rubber mats in their Sparks.
i'm hoping to be barefoot as much as possible while riding if I can manage it.

do you recon black carpet mats would look weird compared to rubber mats?

also, is there somewhere I can find the dimensions of the footwells, or a template, so I can cut out the carpet in the right shape?
at least then I can see how they look before I put them in!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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