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Caused Drive to Bend

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My, let us just say, "Local Repair Shop" says the alleged debris hit on my Spark caused the drive-shaft to bend. What do you think? See photo of damage to impeller.
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I dont see your impeller picture. I cant see where simple water debris would cause your drive shaft to bend. I have sucked up some pretty big rocks (on accident of course LOL) , my wear ring cracked but did not affect my drive shaft. We live on a river and the water level has been crazy this year ...up ...down...up ...down. So we get a crap load of debris (mostly alot of tree limbs , wood , etc...) .... My other half is the mechanic I am just giving the girly take on it ...
seems unlikely, but I suppose if something got in there and locked things up hard enough something has to give...
Sorry. The photo did not up load. Cannot find a way to delete the thread.
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