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Hey all,

We have a 2014 2 up HO IBR spark with over 500 hrs on it.
We use them for teaching kiteboarding so lots of idling and shifting. We are very easy on the boats apart from all of the shifting.
Recently the IBR stopped functioning. The other kite school next to us runs 3 GTI's with IBR and told us they only last about 2-300 hrs so we were lucky to get 500 out of ours.
We know we will get another 200+hrs on it this coming season and do not want to be changing IBR over and over again as they are not cheap.
Wondering if anybody has changed an IBR spark to a manual reverse kit?
Assuming we will have to go to the dealer so the IBR stops beeping at us, but has anybody done this? Is there any reason we could not do this? Can we use the old gate(with some mods for the cable)?
I am hoping we can just detach the IBR unit and use the old gate after installing the kit but it seems too easy?
Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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