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Check engine light and high Rev idle

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First off I want to be clear that this is not a 1st post flaming the spark. I've been a long time lurker and today ran into an issue and wanted to see if anyone here could help. I have had my 2 up ibr ho spark since begining of June and it has just about 20 hours on it. Today I was riding and came down off of a wave, a pretty good size, and the engine sounded as if it was stuck at half throttle. It sound like the OPAS system as if it were stuck. It stalled out on me and when I started it back up the check engine light beeped and came across the screen. I got it back to my jet dock and grabbed the trailer. Had to keep on the throttle to keep from stalling out. Ibr still worked and it still was revving high at idle or no throttle.

I looked in the intake grate immediately and it looks pretty normal, no signs of anything getting sucked up. I am at a loss of what to look for and will be taking it in under warranty.

I wanted to post here incase anyone had some kind of solution. I hope I'm missing something obvious but it doesn't seem to be that way.

So as it sits on the trailer, it will start just not normal idle and check engine is showing.

If anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful. Thanks
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Do you still have warranty ?

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Yes. The included 1 year and I bought a 2nd. Ultimately I'll be taking it back, my situation sucks because dealers are a ways away and wait times for warranty work.
Sounds like something is up with the electronic throttle.

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Bring it to the dealer...

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I am picking the ski up this afternoon. I was told the engine code was for a leak in the air intake system. The tech said the duct work from the intake was knocked out of place... It makes sense now, but the week at the dealer saved me from tearing the ski apart to find that. He said they put better hose clamps on and I should be good to go. Hope this helps someone in the future.
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First of all, you need to revs check for that.
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