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Check engine when hitting a wave

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Randomly when hitting a wave (even a small one) one of our sparks beeps and says check engine. If we turn it off and back on it runs perfectly. Happened twice today.

Checked oil, gas and coolant levels and all are good.

Any ideas? These are HO's
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My mate has the same problem only when riding in the chop , then any other time no issue ...

I did notice his wiring loom rubbing on his rocker cover , so have a check ..
I had the same problem. Some of the wires came loose and caused the warning.
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I had the same problem. Some of the wires came loose and caused the warning.
Which wires got loose ?
Battery terminal connection! Easiest thing to check first. One of mine was loose and gave symptom described when hitting big wakes. Note: use a socket wrench to tighten and not a phillips screw driver. I made that rookie mistake. Comes loose again.
Let us know if you figure this out. It just seems weird that it fixes the problem once you restart the Spark. I just wonder if its really a problem or not.
hopefully there's a solution for this that comes up soon, whether that be from the dealer, sea doo, or someone that figured it out.
Yes I get this one too some times hitting a wave hard
I guess the actuator moves because of the hit and moves the actuator unexpectedly
I shut down goes again perfect.


Throttle Actuator - Controller

Fault - digital position control

below limit


throttle actuator,

damaged circuit

wires, damaged

connector or

damaged ECM.

Check system circuit, perform

closed throttle with B.U.D.S.

Replace throttle actuator, replace

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It was the battery terminal connection .
very true! or even the ground points, which is possible and a good easy start.
good thread, I'm having the same issue. i'll check the connections.
I have not test run yet, but I found my positive battery cable was very, very loose. I'm actually surprised it started at all.
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