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Clamping for towing

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The manual is very specific in saying that you must clamp the water intake hose before towing. I cannot see how this can be done properly. It's next to impossible to reach in that it's about 15 inches in back of the left-hand opening. I did buy several different clamps and tried it out with a garden hose. There was still water intrusion on the hose. Can't see how this works. If the object is that No water gets through, even if I was able to install the clamp, which looks to be incredibly difficult , I can't see how it would totally stop the water from going back into the engine.
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What happens is you have to tow the spark, in the water, and that hose is not clamped?
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I towed one of my sparks with the other one for 5 miles last week when the intake grate was disabled. Didn't really have any other choice. Put the new intake grate on today and took it for a test ride, no issues
are we talking about trailered towing or what? Pardon the ignorance but why would you be towing in the water instead of riding? out of gas?
Maybe he's going to tow it behind his 100ft yacht
Actually it's a 53 foot sailboat and I bought the Spark with the intention of towing it.
Cruising speed is 9 knots.
Finally did manage to get a clamp on but not confident that it will fully prevent water intrusion . Wish I had a valve shut off.
I'm not sure why you need to close the water intake. !. Ism't the cooling system a closed system? So the water intake is to cool the exhaust and doesn't that run right back out?
Still uses engine to cool exhaust. There is no doubt that with pressure water can back up into the engine without clamping effectively.
What should we use to clamp off the hose? And just where would you stow it?
I have the flush kit installed on my spark. I think the easiest thing to do is get a screw in plug for the end of the flush kit. Easy to carry on board and easy to install if needed.

What are your thoughts?
What is that going to do. Blocking the flush hose doesn't keep water out of the pump and exaust.
I don't think that's correct. I keep my hose connected and up in the air . a tall tail of water shoots out of it when traveling at speed.
PPIJAY, see the following pictures, should help you...

See what hose the flush kit gets installed on...

See what hose needs to be clamped, different hoses...

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As I thought it appears that the flush is an outlet when engine is operating and you have clamp the inlet (hose forward on engine)
a diy video on how to install this would be awesome
Why not just plug it at the inlet on the pump?
How do you propose to do that?
you need to get a 1" shark bite brass ball valve from home depot. cut the line exactly where the arrow is pointing and install the shutoff valve.
i use mine as a dinghy and tow at 30knots. i use a 75' tow line and it works great. this keeps water from filling the cylinder head.
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