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Ok I finally was able to order all the pieces to make my 2up a 3up waiting for parts (I got a super deal on them new :)), also going to aqua-performance to install a real reboard ladder on my spark..

P.S. this is not to legally make my 2up a 3up, the only reason I am doing this is because:

1. To have more stability on the water, reboarding in deep water, & cruising.

2. I bought a 3up seat which I'm going to make more comfortable (reupholstering it & adding padding it), plus I couldn't pass up the super steal deal I got on it.

3. By adding the 3 up extension , I am able to do step 4;

4. Talked to an engineer at aqua performance, and they are going to custom build a reboarding ladder for the spark.

pictures & instructions coming up

ps I know I could have gotten a gti, but I got my spark cheap, plus I got a 5 year warranty on it, & I'm keeping all my 2up pieces in case of warranty work..

Super stoked! the first pieces of my 3 up extension & swing down reboard ladder came in, Wow.. the boxes are huge, i set a windex bottle next to it so you guys can see the how large the items actually are...


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