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My 2018 Spark Trixx has 110 hours on it and will become 3 years old in July (I'll probably have 150 hours by then). While it is used in salt water, no salt water has gotten inside. It still looks brand new both inside and out. I have never hit anything or sucked anything through the impeller. I keep it in my garage and thoroughly wash it (including the drive shaft underneath) after every use. I flush it with SaltOff and lubricate the back end with Fluid Film after every ride. I even use a 2 foot straw to shoot Fluid Film through the opening in the top of the PTO. I changed the oil at 55 hours and I'm about to change it again. Soon, I will probably need to replace the battery and I'll change my plugs at the same time.

I have a 3 year warranty.

The manual says that at 200 hours, you need to lubricate PTO sleeve and replace oil seal and both water seals. Unless I bring it in and have the shop to this, I would just replace the entire PTO because its easier. But wouldn't that only replace the two water seals and not the oil seal?

I wonder if its worth bringing it in for service/inspection right before my 3 year warranty expires?

I had a 2015 which had a rusted crankshaft (the section that sticks out into the PTO) due to PTO seal failure after 130 hours. I know that that section has been redesigned and now there is a part (sleeve) that can be replaced, but I am still paranoid.

Thanks for any advice ahead of time.
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