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Took my 2014 3UP out for first time post-winterizing by dealer.
Engine runs smooth but throttle uneven. Sudden deceleration at high throttle
Sudden acceleration when just trolling at 5 mph.
No check engine lights on and when it did accelerate is had plenty of giddyup.

Let it rest for the night.
Next day no such symptoms
but now acceleration is a real dog and top speed not close to being hit.
Speedometer is off too. It says about 25-30 mph at full bore and I estimate I'm only going about 37-38 when it should be up at 50mph
I feel like the engine is fine but the ecm might be messing with me. Any idea?
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I'd recommend replacing the spark plugs and checking the connectors going to the ignition coils/spark plug caps. You could have fouled a spark plug if your dealer fogged the engine during the winterization process.
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