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Exhaust overheated & check engine light!

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Hello all first post here so looking for help!

I live on a channel that leads to a river and took my spark out for a ride this afternoon. I sucked up a piece of bark that got stuck between the impeller and the rear grate which was causing cavitation and did not allow water to the intake for the exhaust hose. I knew it was cavitating and turned around right away to get it back on the lift.

About 2-3 minutes later while pulling on the lift an exhaust overheating warning came up, the check engine light lit and a buzzer started. I turned off the engine immediately but was still able to get it on the lift.

I removed the piece of bark which was quite large so surprised that it even got in there. Started it up and tried taking it for a ride again. Cavitation issue was gone and the engine warning warning light turned off. I then took it for a 45 minute ride (probably not the smartest choice) varying throttle from idle to WOT multiple times and experienced no issues or other warnings.

I did not take the top off to do a visual inspection but did check the engine coolant level and that there was no water in the hull. Do you think any damage was done to the ski and do you suggest I check anything else before going out again? Only have had this for 3 weeks and put 16 hours on it...

Thanks for your help!
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I think you answered yourself when you rode again for 45 minutes with no issues. I would be happy to ride again. I can't see any problem.
45 minutes is quite the test to have no issues to show up.
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