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Extended Warranty?

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Hi all--
My dealer is offering a four-year extension on the one-year Seadoo offer. It's through RPM One. Their price is $800 per ski and offers a $0 deductible. This sounds like a good investment, but I've read some things online that make RPM One seem a bit shady on paying off claims. Any experience with extended warranties or with RPM One?
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No extended warranty is a good "investment." You're buying peace of mind. If it were financially favorable to you, they wouldn't be selling it.
You could make the same argument for insurance.
I bought seadoo's BEST warranty additional 3 years for 450
That sounds like a great price. Where did you buy it?
I use to work at a SEA-DOO dealer as a service writer. After dealing with a lot of different warranty companies, I would only buy SEA-DOO's BEST warranty if I wanted an extended warranty for my SEA-DOO. Most aftermarket warranty companies were a handful to deal with and they'd try and find any loophole not to warranty something.
That sounds like a great price. Where did you buy it?
PM tiny on
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