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Fairly aggressive break in results

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Just completed the 10 hour break in.I didn't really follow the manual suggestions and went with a more aggressive approach. Everything so far seems to be running great. The spark is a 3 up H0.
Running in open SaltWater and it was a bit windy and choppy today. Maxed out in touring mode at 43.5 and confirmed it with a GPS. I weigh 215 pounds.
It was too rough to try the same in the sport mode. I will do it on the first calm day. I ran with a little less than half a tank. I tried the same earlier in the break-in and did not get as good results. At that time I was running with a full tank. I don't know whether it's the difference of weight, the water conditions or the fact that the engine is broken in at this point. Pretty pleased with the results and I plan to do an oil change at this time even though it's not required according to the manual.
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Were you worried about coming down on the unit after you jumped the waves?
That's why I didn't try to top it out in Sport mode. I have since tried that on a calmer day. Got to 50 which may or may not be top end but no way do I have the guts to sustain the throttle unless it's flat out there. In the waters where I use the ski any more than 50 mph would probably be useless for me.
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