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Finally Removed the Top of the Spark

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This is the first time I've removed the deck from my spark. I obtained some stainless steel washers for the hull. Since I had to take the bolts off anyway, it seemed like an ideal time to apply some corrosion inhibitor to the innards. It took 29 minutes to remove the deck.
The tough part was getting to both sides of the bolts on the left side of the hull because the other ski is so close to the Spark.
Taking off the cover in front of the handlebars makes disconnecting the steering cable much easier.


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Thanks for the pictures man. Stuff like this can be really helpful for others who are trying to do their own maintenance. It's also nice for those of us who don't ever take the top off to see what's under there.
The top has been put back on the ski. It was a little on the heavy side but I was able to manage lifting it alone (I'm 5'11", 185lbs and not particularly strong). Just gotta remember to pick it up by or near the handlebars especially when removing it from the ski.
I've included some pictures of the stainless steel deck washers.
It seems like the metal washers will more evenly distribute the pressure of the bolts onto the top deck. It's probably overkill but it wasn't all that expensive and it gives me peace of mind.


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Great post, thanks for the input! Its very helpful.

Those SS washers look like they'd do a better job. Where did you buy those SS washers?

Also, if the screws are not SS, I'd keep an eye out for galvanic corrosion that can occur between dissimilar metals that are in contact. Hopefully the paint on the screws is enough of an insulator to prevent the current flow. You might consider painting the SS washers as well, just to be sure.
I bought the washers from the ebay listing in the following post. They arrived quickly and fit perfectly.

I'm applying CRC Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor to the exposed portions of the bolts but I'll definitely keep an eye on them. I've been using this stuff for years and it is absolutely incredible.
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