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So I took my spark out for the first time on Friday, and second time yesterday, and man, what a blast! They are so quick and maneuverable, such a awesome ski to ride. I regret absolutely nothing about my purchase. It is everything I wanted it to be.

First five hours of break in I took relatively lightly, never going over 75% throttle for the first 3 hours or so. Then for the remaining 2 hours I gave it full throttle only three times. Man do these skis fly! 50 mph is fast enough for me. My boat only tops out around 33mph, and I thought that was fast. I have no need to go any faster than 50mph lol. At that speed the eyes begin to water from the wind.

If anyone is from the NJ area, I highly recommend taking them to the Delaware River, which is where I took mine the first two days. So glassy and enjoyable to ride on the river. It was flowing pretty good all weekend, so I would take the ski a few miles upriver and then just float down and enjoy the silence.

Looking forward to the summer ahead. Can't wait to take the spark to new spots.

Cheers! Hope you all had a solid July 4th weekend!



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