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First ocean run with spark

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Took spark out into Atlantic ocean.I have it 127.race .I launched an easy 5 foot in the air.what a great toy.any one else. Doing ocean riding?
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Nice man. These things handle surprisingly well in pretty big surf. We took ours out this weekend in the Potomac river. On the way back the water conditions changed to ocean type conditions in a matter of minutes. We fought our way back for 45 minutes through 3 -5 foot waves giving throttle when needed to fight them. Pretty scary haha. I was certainly surprised how good it handled though.
99% of my riding is in the ocean from flat water to big swell ...

Spend the last 2 weekends 2hrs each day just wave jumping ...

The Spark kicks ass ...
Wave jumping is what it feels the Spark was made for. With that low end torque and the light weight, it's definitely a blast (and a killer workout) in the surf.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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