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First Time PWC Owner In Miami

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Super late introduction.... but Hi, I'm Shannon. I'm 35 and I bought my SeaDoo Spark 3up June 1st. I play near Haulover Beach usually and I'm excited to have the PWC I've wanted since I was 12. I lived in upstate NY my whole life but moved to South Beach almost 5 yrs ago then to North Miami a year ago. Happily single with no man or children and I'd like to keep it that way :) I don't smoke (anything) I rarely drink but I'm not afraid to tie one on once in awhile. I don't do drugs other than some portabellas maybe once every one to two years. I have two small dogs and love animals & was a veterinary assistant in the past but left to work for myself. I'm a professional organizer who organizes homes and businesses. I'm trying to get back into shape after a bad car accident and making the mistake of eating total crap when I couldn't walk so that I can go back to work personal training (I've been certified / taking courses in the field for 12 yrs)

Welcome to the boards everyone. I'm glad there is a spot specifically for Spark owners :)
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Nice to have a Dedicated Spark forum- May it grow well!!!
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