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Floating Docks

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Has anyone had any experience with floating docks for my Sparks? My place is in a river, but it can get a little choppy. Any brand suggestions?
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I use Jetfloat. Purchased them (2 waverunner single setup) in 1998 and it still looks and works as good as the first day I bought it! The Sparks are my 3rd waverunners to sit on them.
I have never used any but I know at least one of the cracked hull claims was supposedly due to a floating dock.
yea but that wasn't FROM the floating dock, it was from trying to get ON a floating dock...
Depends on what the current is like in the river you are on. I wouldn't worry about the floating dock damaging the Spark though. You should be good as long as you don't try to get the Spark on a floating dock. Doesn't seem like a very smart idea to me.
yeah trying to get on it isn't likey the best idea
So maybe I'm confused but isn't a floating dock when speaking of a pwc something you actually drive onto to get it out of the water. I believe unless I'm wrong that is the type of dock ABG is asking about. Trying to skid the spark up on to one of those is asking for trouble in my opinion.
This is the one I use - JetDock (but I think they call it Jetfloat now?)
I'm not sure if its the same brand or nt, but I know that one of our members cracked up their hull trying to dock the sparks on a floating docking system. Now of course take that with a huge grain of salt, as how the situation transpired is stilla bit of a mystery. No one is going to openly admit they cracked up their spark being a dummy, it will of course be something else's fault, probably because the water was wet or something... ;)

Its really not any more strenuous on the hull than getting them up on the trailer...
Jet Ski port

I use a Hydroport 2 and have had no problems getting the spark onto it or any signs of damage. From my experience with other Seadoos, I think the key is to make initial contact with the lip of the port and then give it some throttle to climb up. Agree with other posters, should not be anymore stress than a trailer as long as you come on straight.

One thing I have noticed that is different from other Seadoos is that, due to the heat exchanger integration with the hull, if you come onto the port after aggressive riding, you definitely see some water vapor coming up around the hull because of the heat. For this reason, I have been letting the spark cool down in the water at idle for about 30 seconds before docking. I would worry that the heat exchanger could melt the plastic of the hydroport...
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id make sure the water by where you are going to put the floating dock is at least 5 feet deep. you don't want to hit the throttle and suck up crap to get up onto the dock. Floating docks are kinda pricey from what I remember ( over $1,500 ) You could always try a lift for about $300, harness for $150. I'm thinking about getting a lift for behind my house since they don't allow floating docks in the water
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