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Fun factor ten....engage!!!!!!!!!!!

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Took my sponsons off today. :) Its a whole new machine. Tailslides and 360's are doable. Its not for the rooks though as manuverablity gets a kick in the pants and you need to be on your game with directional power while spinning. At low speeds a tail whip can go into a sideways slide and get the machine perpendicular to the water but you need to turn into it and lay onto the power to get you back up. The tailslides are a blast when the front end drops under water you gun it into the sweet wheelie. Mind you if you want to get into the real fun I recomend sport mode or vtech power to be able to react when things get crazy. It must have been pretty cool because people on the shore line said they never saw a PWC do those manuvers before. Im taking the helmet cam out next time .
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How do you guys go for a 360 with the sposons on? I'm afraid to roll it over
Ive tried a 360 with sponsons on and cannot complete.

I have one of my skis apart right now checking the wires on engine to see if they will burn and might take my sponsons off now that I hear this... LOL
How are people doing even 180 tail slides with the sponsons on. I have been unable to do them even remotely reliably. I would say maybe 15% success rate based on attempts.
Just remove the sponsons and screw the bolts back in . They have silicone in the holes. I could not do much with the sponsons on. Also due to the hull design it is kind of weird in some situations where your leaning off to one side . You can kind of get it going off angle and it will catch and want to straighten out . In any case when you lean in and start sliding they are not there to catch you from rolling so it becomes a balance /skill game. Im sure to be spending more time in the water . Its very similar to my old 93 sl750 polaris but the polaris hull seemed a bit more designed to keep in control with no sponsons.
Start a new race class , DRIFT RACING ..... Lol
I completed a a full 360 nut please times today. I was getting good at 180s getting the tail to slide and go underwater. I didn't even need to be going that fast. Maybe 20 I would lean hard to the inside of the turn and turn as hard as I can while putting my weight foward. The nose would go underwater and the back would be up and spin around all while 3/4 to full throttle and power back out the same direction as you were going before you even started the turn
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Sweet, video? Next time...

Yep, my phone sent this...
Goin out tomorow. Didn't bring me or the girlfriend s phone
The fzr like 30 feet down the short went out was was trying it. Not even close. It's to heavy
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vidsssssss or it didn't happen ;):D
I know. I'll get one. I hope it's the 360 you guys have been working on or I'll feel like an idiot lol
Ill take the gopro out next weekend for a vid.
I'm going Tuesday or Wednesday I will try and get a video.
Took the GoPro out today. Will upload some videos tomorrow
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nice. Were did you go out?

Haulover dock to the ocean
been hearing allot about that place. How do you like it? I use port Everglades, there is 15th fisheries near and you can dock and eat plus, John Loyd state park on the opposite side in case ya have to poop :eek:
Sponsons off... Staying off for now. We out to the river and did 15-20 360s at about 24mph. Pretty sweet.

Dont have a go pro, and didnt have anyone to video.

I will say it slides easy. I was able to do these 360s sitting down.
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