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Thanks Hunter090 I appreciate that! I think a lot of parents are too overprotective of their kids nowadays, and it hurts them because when it's time to leave the house they lack life skills and are too afraid of the world in general. That's why we have so many adults living in their parents' basements.

What that video doesn't show is the time I spent riding around with my son just sitting in front of me on the Sea Doo. After a while, he wanted to grab the handlebars and steer a little. Then he wanted to learn how to control the throttle. Pretty soon he was doing all the driving, and I was just sitting behind him, holding on. Finally, he asked if he could take it out on his own. At that point, I decided to test him. I made him go fast in a straight line, then do a few sharp turns. I taught him how to brake (we have iBR), and then finally I made him do a series of figure 8's. This was all with me riding with him. After I was comfortable with his ability to handle the vehicle, I let him loose, staying close by him on the second Sea Doo. He really started to tear it up, and even I was surprised at his boldness. I laughed, and thought to myself I had to capture it on video.

I think that whole process can serve as a metaphor for how you should raise your kids in general. Don't push them, but let them spread their wings in a safe environment, gradually backing off on the safety net. That's how they learn independence.
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