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Gas in Bilge

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Boneheaded friend pumped 20 gallons of gas into the bilge through the oil access cap. Got the ski out of the water and pumped the gas out of the bilge with a shop vac. Obviously the whole thing still wreaks of gasoline but is getting better. I'm going to take it to a mechanic before I do anything else, but what issues if any can I expect to arise from this incident? The gas was probably in the bilge for 45 minutes before we could get the ski out of the water, could it have done damage to the motor or other parts of the ski?
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This just happens to us at the marina gas station - new employee...94L of gas. It's all emptied now though and airing out. Did you end up having issues with the machine going forward?
Yikes! The shop vac is a risky move isn’t it?
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