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Getting back on the water

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Hello. Hopefully spring comes soon! I am wondering what needs to be done to get the spark ready to ride after being winterized in the fall? Is it just ready to ride or does it need work done? Ps. The battery was removed when winterized and I think the top has to be off to put it back in
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no need to take the top off to put battery back in it a pain but can be done.
Really how is that done? That would save me lots of time and $ if I could do it myself with the top!
just take off the engine access cover, and the battery will slip down you will have to turn to get it in.

Get a torch and have a good look where its going first it will make sense the hardest thing is getting the rubber strap back on make sure it clips in remember red is + terminal
Regarding battery removal.
Makes me wonder if the designers & engineers are sadistic or just plain stupid. If they would have made the hatch a couple inches bigger (at bottom) the battery would be easy in-n-out.
Probably something to do with the rigidity of the cover plate and wether they could keep it watertight......
Being someone that has experience with batteries, to be on the safe side, get the battery tested just to see what the state of the battery is. Batteries are funny, they're sensitive, they can go at any moment. Although your chances are good, it's always best knowing now than getting out on the water and having it be an issue.... start the season off right :D
I pulled out my batteries on my Sparks through that tiny access hatch. What a PIA. Lot's of stuff in the way and no where easy. Almost lost the little clamps that go atop the battery posts. When it comes time to put the batteries back in, I'm pulling the top for better access. This will also give me an excuse to swap out the broken plastic oval washers on the hull.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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