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Going to buy just need help picking whats the best

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Hey everyone I'm new here and I need some insight from owners. Now me and my fiancée went to a local seadoo dealer to see how much it would cost us a month to buy new seadoo's. We meet with the dealer and he gave us a price on one 3up 90hp with convince package, brake and trailer for 189/month. We also thought about buying 2 sparks for 149/month with 500 down deal they have but they would be the base model 60hp 2 up. I already have a dual trailer so I think the payment would be smaller (have to fix the lights though). We would also like to do knee boarding and tubing pulling on the skidoos too. What do you guy think is the best option for us? to just do one 90hp fully loaded or get the 2 base models?
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IMHO riding two up all the time is a PITA. Buy the two(if they are acceptable colors) the buy a Vtech maptuner and two credits($1395).
If you are considering a 2-Up for Knee Boarding and Tubing it is possibly illegal. In Michigan you need a 3-Up to pull, Driver, Spotter and a seat to retrieve the person being pulled.
I'm with everyone else, just purchase two if you will actually use them.

I'm only 165lbs, and my girlfriend is like 100 lbs and with us both on the spark, it's challenging to the point where we both don't have fun.
2 is awesome... If she doesnt want to go, you will ALWAYS have people that will...

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