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Greetings from Alabama

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Glad to say that after 18 years I retired my old 96 Kawasaki TS and purchased a Sea Doo Spark 2 Up. I had the Spark on the water 3 times last week and just can't say enough good things about this ride.
What is anyone using to clean or wax your Spark?


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Welcome to the forum. I'm also form Alabama. Where do you ride?
We have a Bubblegum 2up and are also in Alabama. Have had ours out twice, first time busted wear ring in the first hour and the second time, a blown spark plug. Starting to wish we had seen some of these negative reviews before we purchased! I am getting extremely worried about my kiddos being out on this thing. We're going to give it one more shot this weekend, but if we have any more issues, I am not sure what we will do. I am hoping things go better, as the 2hours we've ridden have been a blast!
Thanks for the warm welcome. I am in Gadsden, Alabama and typically ride on Weiss Lake. I will get some pictures up after my trip out for everyone to view.
I have to admit I cringe every time I read a negative post but I guess there will always be some issues. I am interested to see the % of problems versus the % of non problem/happy campers. The Spark is a great upgrade for me from the old 96 Kawasaki TS.
Great to hear that jford. Read these post carefully, we have found people just posting negative reviews just for the purpose of making the seadoo look bad.
As for cleaner, I use car wash soap with NO wax in it.
Glad to have you aboard!
BTW, I'm just a mom who was super excited to have a pink ski since the boys get most of the toys in my family! (Not a sea doo hater) Just want to get my money's worth out of my Spark, and hoping all of these negative posts are the minority!!
Don't worry. If you look at the amount sold to the amount having problems it is not that substantial. I was a little concerned with the handle bars but have since relaxed. Enjoy your new toy and show it off!!!
I use a quality boat soap and 303 aerospace protectant. it works great can put it all over the spark and the seat. its UV 40 protection.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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