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Had some cold start problems today

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Haven't had any problems at all until today when i was starting her up for the first time.

Used her two days earlier, after this i sprayed some water on the engine and around to rinse it off...

11h on the engine at this time.

I launched her into the water and started her right up. Nothing wierd here...
Didn't use any throttle. She ran 3-4 seconds and then everything just turned off, like if i killed the engine via the button.
The engine sounded as usual and was easy to start.

Started her up again, no throttle - she turned off after 3-4 sec again in the same way.

Third time, exactly the same.

Waited 20 sec, started her up for the fourth time. This time with some throttle from the beginning. Rode 20 meters, then released the throttle. Engine ran 3-4 sec again before everything went black again.

No warning, no beeps, nothing. I checked my lanyard no problems there. If you pull the lanyard and reset it the screen starts automatically,

When this occured i had to start everything via the button.

After this i started her up with some throttle and rode her with higher RPMs for 2-3 minutes, after that everything went back to normal.

That she turned off after the exact time at idle all times makes me think the ECU may have had something to do with it? Problems reading the sensors which it doesn't do earlier?

I also think it may have something to do with the water i sprayed in the enginebay when i cleaned her.

Anyone else experienced this?

Thought i share this just in case. She works fine now!
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Nope i don't. The voltage on the battery was 13,4 volt (no load!)... If the battery would have been empty i think you would noticed it on the sound the starter make. I started her five times, no problems... I will check the battery connections just in case.
Good morning, just wondering if you had any updates?
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