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handle bars snap off while in a turn!!!!

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doing 35 mph and take a turn and handle bars snap completly off, toss my flying, knocked th ewind out of me. Spark is not good :(
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Seams like every monday we hear of another case of the handlebars snapping off. Maybe Sea Doo should have called the Spark the SNAP!
That's no good. I had my two new 2-up Sparks out this weekend in Texas for the first time. I was concerned about the handle bars breaking after reading the other posts about the bars breaking. Everything looks fine on them. We rode pretty hard after the break-in period.
Pic's of broken bars just to make sure your not a yama-spammer
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18HRS on mine and I am not riding it gently yet, no broken hull and handle bars are still intact.
Pic's of broken bars just to make sure your not a yama-spammer
x2 !!!
The Poster's first post, no specifics and it's not written in the Queen's English....please delete it Mr Admin!
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15 hrs hard riding here no handlebar breaks no hull damage yet I take turns hard at 35 as well
Pic's of broken bars just to make sure your not a yama-spammer
Yes please provide us with some pictures for evidence otherwise this is suspicious for your first and only post.
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~20 hours of salt water use, jumping waves and riding surf pretty hard, no signs of hull or handle bars starting to fail ?

I know lot of people with sparks now too and none of them got broken bars yet.
I drive mine realllllll hard and have had no issues. Even if it does occur .. Judging by how many times someone has posted pictures it is only a .025 percent chance of happening
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Thanks and that sucks just curious what's your hull is number? Wondering if it's a early built ski..
I bought my sparks for 2 reasons:

to get more sun and fresh air, and to overcome my fear of water. This is not helping me overcome my fear of water. I love riding them, but I am not a strong swimmer, and the thought of being in the water with the wind knocked out of me terrifies me.

I really want to see BRP address this, it is getting quite worrisome for me.
Wow that sucks. I ride my ski hard but I'm very gentle with the handle bars. I let my body absorb most of the jump impact instead of the handle bars. RobNH if you have a good life jacket you will be fine even if you got thrown off. Try adult swimming lessons. I plan on taking some this year. I can swim well but hate putting my head under water and I want to be fine with it.
I wear a good life jacket, and grew up swimming as a kid. The kinds of stuff I worry about is being knocked unconscious and landing face down. Not likely to happen. Totally irrational. More likely to get in an accident on the drive to the lake, but a busted handlebar ups the danger factor, and strikes at the heart of my paranoia.
what in the **** is going on with these handle bars? it looks like a recall may be in order, but... BRP will probably say its user error.

RobNH - i was asking a water cop about the thin life jackets that only inflate when you hit water and he said they are cool but the type type III life jackets are better for more than just kayaking,etc. because they put you face up in the water, not sure if its true or not. try jumping into a pool and playing deal with one when you come up hahaha.
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