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handle bars

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Has every one seen worx is coming out with a bar kit in about a month.. also I was told the rxpx260 pro series steering will bolt right onto the spark as well
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What makes these bars better than the stock ones (other than hopefully not cracking in half sometimes)?
not cracking and i think they have padding so you dont smash your face
hopefully they hold up and don't end up cracking, they need to take some abuse.
Yea there stupid expenses..the best thing I'd like about them is the dirt bike style bars.
If you replace the handle bars on the Spark at least you can avoid the cracking problem. Or is there still stuff that can break?
Those bars look wicked, seems like they can take a serious abuse....which at $900+ they should.
Way to much for me. Stick with factory for now. Took it up the butt from the dealer for the ski don't feel like doing again for a set of bars. Can't see how they can have the nerve to price them at that amount. Just cause we didn't buy a 12k ski doesn't mean we want to make up for it in accessories.

That price is ridiculous for handlebars. I bet you could make a pair yourself or find somewhere else that will make or sell some for cheaper.
Holy crab balls $929?!?!

How can you justify spending that much?
that's what i was thinking. before even looking at the price i was like 'GREAT!" but after seeing what it goes for....forget it.
Well it would be great for those who uses their spark strictly for racing but for the leisures why would you spend that much.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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