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Handlebar Adapter

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I was searching for an adapter to install aftermarket handlebars and run across this picture and some contact info so I'm gonna give them a call to see what they offer or at least how they did it. This handlebar recall has me slightly concerned and I'm looking for a permanent solution. I'll post what I find out.


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Got a reply! Seems the Riva kit from the RXP does work, but requires modification be done to convert the drive-by wire throttle to a cable setup. $929 to start is a lot....Maybe someone else will come up with a less expensive steering system in the future.
Why spend the extra money on this when Seadoo will fix your Spark for free because of the recall?
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1) The ability to adjust riding position
2) Piece of mind
3) Cool looking upgrade
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Worx has some for $599 rivia is all aluminum that why it os so pricey .
Why spend the extra money on this when Seadoo will fix your Spark for free because of the recall?
that's exactly what i was thinking

it's sea-doo's problem let them fix it
Some people like the feel of moto bars.. Same reason people replace the bars on a brand new Harley
there's just not a cost viable option available yet. I mean a grand for an adaptor, thats a bit absurd no!
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EFFFF that if you guys chose to go with this then send your bill to BRP!
Soon as the worx kit comes out I'll put in an order and do a write up. Depending on what parts need to be replaced I may be able to replicate it with the help of a friend mine who specializes in metal fabrication. I just don't trust these me crazy, but I like things that are overbuilt.
why would people want this? because some people will break their steering even with the newer updated part because they over-stress their steering, why is it the aftermarket companies are making them for other machines? because people push the limits for what things are designed for! people are talking about putting reflashes and turbos in their sparks to get more power/speed out of them than they were designed for! do you not think that it is going to put more stress on other things? An aftermarket steering system is not going to be needed for most people, but if you are someone that hits big surf you may want to consider it, a couple of bad landings could cause you some issues, ever heard of a motocross rider bending his bars on a bad landing?
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